My name is Jon. I’m a musician/producer from Vancouver BC, Canada. I’m not much for talking about myself. I read other artists profiles and they’re able to go on and on about themselves, or the profiles that sound like they’re written in the third person with glorious review.. I just make music……and the rest of my time is devoted to writing music, listening to it, studying it …. Other than music, I love my family, friends, plants, animals and the environment, social issues, human rights issues, environmental issues, and other causes I see as important. I also love science, ancient history, theology, biology, astronomy, ufo’s/aliens, alternative energy,  existentialism…Now I’m that guy going on about himself…:)


I’m just getting serious about my music now after MANY years of doing it just for enjoyment… I play guitar, bass, keys and drums, all the software… Everything you hear is 100% me except the vocals I find online or random youtube freestylers… I’m currently looking to work with any singers/rappers/vocalists…If you contact me, I’ll be sure to reply. Thanks for stopping in.